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You will remember this day forever.
No matter how you plan it – a big celebration or
an intimate gathering – this day is yours, forever.

How 28 Wedding Films works

28 Wedding Films creates art from the magic of your special day. Rather than a highlight reel, I will

present you with a film that tells the story of your relationship and captures all the wonder, intimacy and fun of your wedding.

The uniqueness of your story will be reflected in the beauty of your wedding film. Artistically shot and carefully edited to capture the best angles, the best vision and the most spectacular moments of your day.

But you won’t have to share your wedding day with a film crew to achieve this perfect keepsake of your day. I have made a conscious decision to use as little equipment as possible. One camera, one lens, one cinematographer.

I travelled to Europe to study the art of minimalistic film making, so I could create unique, stunning and personal wedding films, just for you.

What 28 Wedding Films delivers

When they barely know I’m there, your guests don’t change their natural behaviour to perform for the camera. I can capture them in their most candid moments, as they immerse themselves in the joy of your wedding day.

And then, when the filming is done, I edit everything I have captured in a way that lets you step back into all the emotions, and excitement and perfect moments of your wedding. Your own beautiful wedding film, capturing your own, unique love story, to relive your day whenever you wish.

What WIll you choose?

I love weddings. I love the joy, the excitement, the possibilities, the careful attention to every special detail. I love the love.

I will capture all of this for you, so you can always remember, and share with those you love, the story of your beautiful wedding day.

What will you choose?

DIAMOND Collection

Highlights Film Package
$ 1500
  • Full wedding film coverage from Getting Ready to Dancing
  • 3-5 minute - Wedding Highlights Film Full length
  • All Speeches at the reception
  • 3 Instagram short reels film
  • Total Films: 6

Royal Collection

Feature Film Package
$ 1850
  • Full wedding film coverage from Getting Ready to Dancing
  • 1 minute Social Media film
  • 3 min Highlights film
  • 20 minute Feature Film
  • Full length Ceremony film
  • First Dance Film
  • All Speeches at the reception
  • 4 Instagram short reels films
  • Total Films in the Package: 10

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You will remember this day forever. No matter how you plan it – a big celebration or an intimate gathering – this day is yours, forever.

28 Wedding Films creates art from the magic of your day. A cinematic memory that you can relive whenever you want to return to that place of love, beauty, friendship and possibility

Contact Wendy, the cinematographer and filmmaker at 28 Wedding Films. She loves everything about weddings, and she has perfected her style of minimalism, that lets even the smallest moments of your love story shine, in a movie that you can watch again and again … forever.

Contact me so we can talk about the essence of your wedding plans and the magic you wish to capture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average cost of wedding packages range from $1,500 to $3,000. However at 28 Wedding films we have very competitive packages. We don’t charge per hour, our motto is “from prep to dancing” – we are there for the whole day of your wedding. 

Cinematic: This style aims to capture the wedding day in a cinematic and storytelling manner. It often incorporates artistic shots, slow-motion sequences, music, and creative editing techniques to create a visually stunning and emotionally engaging film. The emphasis is on capturing real moments, interactions, and emotions as they unfold naturally, without much staging or direction. They often include the full coverage of the ceremony, reception, and other important events. In this style, the wedding film is also crafted as a narrative, weaving together the couple’s love story, and the events of the wedding day.

The average wedding video length is somewhere between three to five minutes for a highlights version or short film, or up to 20 minutes for a cinematic style. You can always opt for both, depending on what you’d like to use it for and what kind of wedding video packages are offered.

At 28 wedding films we offer both packages.

At 28 wedding films the average is 8-12 weeks. Every videographer is different and the time to get your wedding video can depend on how busy they are.
Most wedding videographers work with at least two to three cameras at the ceremony: one stationary, placed on a tripod to get a full recording of your ceremony, and the other two on the wedding couple so they can record different angles of specific shots and moments.

Video coverage means you’ll get to relive some of your favourite wedding moments, whether it’s the vows you exchanged, your dad’s speech, or the first look. And the best part is you’ll be able to share these moments with your friends and family again and again.

Keep in mind that typically around 30-40 hours will go into editing your wedding film! Wedding videography is a huge, detailed, and time-consuming process.